How IT Works

How IT Works

You need to share your Requirement with us.We need to know your business domain,number of pages required on the website and type of solutions you are looking for.

Fill in your Templates/Requirement

We have prepared a user friendly templates for you to fill your website data into.Basically we require About u/Company, Services offered, Testimonial of clients/friends, Contact information and products info

Choose preferred Domain and Server Package

For a website to be online you are required to select Domain Name and for a domain to be active online you need a server. We offer Domain as well as Server Packages as well.

Prepare Website for Security Test

Website we prepare come with proper SSL and encryption so that no can misuse any information on your website.Your data safety is our first priority

Website Live as short as in 10-20 Days

We show you the Demo version of your website. Once Approved by you we make it live and your website can be used by your Business

Technologies used by us

We at Ultrazaps Support Open source Technology

What does this mean? Open source technology help us to create Website/Software which we can use to create and provide you with softwares which have 90% less licensing fee to you.So you can use the software as per your usage and not as per no of users

Powerfull Mobile And Web App

We provide Mobile and Web Apps as part of our Services

Brings More Quality And Speed

Our website is designed with the Best Graphics and loading Speed of website is also at the greatest

Special For Multiple Use Capabilities

We design both front end and Back end solution.CRM is one of our most best selling product in the Market.
Our Services

Our Core Services

Networking and Security
Cyber Security Solutions
IT & Cloud Managment
Deployment and Migration
IT Disaster Planning
Managed Web Application